Certified Educational Planner


Certified Educational Planner

A Certified Educational Planner (CEP) assists students in discovering, and applying for, the college that best meets their goals. Using their expertise, knowledge and academic background, a CEP is a professional with one goal in mind: to impart high-quality advice and service to students. 

Using a CEP is an Investment In Your Student's Future

A CEP has passed board assessments that prove their ability to cultivate an environment of careful educational choices aimed at providing students with options that will help them realize their goals. Working closely with both students and their families, a CEP utilizes significant expertise, experience and knowledge to deliver a careful and focused plan of attainment. 

Certified Educational Planner

Advice Delivered by an Educational Expert

The standards for obtaining certification as a CEP are rigorous. In addition to possessing at least a master's degree in a relevant field and passing a thorough assessment, a CEP also must have demonstrated expertise and leadership skills through a variety of means such as published articles and books, speaking engagements and association membership. At the minimum, a CEP must visit at least 75 educational institutions within five years of gaining their initial certification. This adds a depth of knowledge and expertise that better serves students and their families. In order to ensure that a CEP continues to their commitment of providing professional expertise founded on the latest requirements and principles, recertification is required every five years. 

Because a CEP upholds the highest professional standards, these professionals deliver individualized attention and advice to students and their families and helping them attain their educational goals. 


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