• A professional
    with a passion

    Understanding the needs of a family is my
    primary goal when guiding their child into
    a suitable college.
  • 25 Years of certified experience and service

    Holding a vast history visiting colleges all over the states,
    you can rest assured your child will be in safe hands.
  • Adhere to the needs
    of your child

    Through multiple in person meetings, I will learn all I need to
    know to guarantee your child ends up in the correct institute.
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Education Consultant

As educational consultants specializing in working with high school students and their families our objective is to simplify the college search process and maximize educational opportunities. We assist families in identifying a student’s strengths, interests, talents and goals to identify a range of colleges most appropriate for their child.
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Family Meetings

Meetings scheduled to reinforce the desires of the family and child for the outcome of our services


Thorough planning helps your child to meet the requirements of the college in question


Understanding the personality of your child while also learning of their talents


Following up with the child, while also making sure they're staying on the right track

What We Offer

Personal child evaluation

Personal child evaluation

It is among our many goals to understand exactly what the needs of your child are and with that we will evaluate academic skills, personality, athletic and artistic talent and learning issues.
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High School course selection guidance

High School course selection guidance

To assure your child meets the standards of their college choice, we will take part in the selection of courses for your child's four year high school plan.
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Extracurricular Course Planning

Extracurricular Course Planning

Ensuring your child stays busy and safe over summer, we will enroll your child in the proper summer activities to reinforce entry into the college of choice.
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College Interview Preparation

College Interview Preparation

As nerve wracking as it is, we will do the best of my ability to reassure your child goes into his or her interview with utmost confidence.
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